I graduated as a biochemist with a masters’ degree, 1994 – from the University of Copenhagen. For many years I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations  (CROs) and the Danish Medicines Agency – focusing on drug/patient safety, quality management and regulatory affairs (e.g. at Novartis Healthcare, Eli Lilly, Lundbeck, LEO Pharma and ALK Abelló).

In 2012, I took up a position as a consultant at Nordic Cryobank/European Sperm Bank and was soon given the task to develop a complete quality management system for the organisation. The company has since experienced huge growth with additional branches in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany. With an innovative approach, high quality products and comprehensive customer service, European Sperm Bank has become a brand-leading sperm bank in Europe and a pioneering player in the growing Danish fertility industry (see www.europeanspermbank.com).

Having held the position as Quality Manager for 8 years (acting as Responsible Person 2015-2020 and Data Protection Officer 2018-2020) – in September 2020, I decided to launch my own consulting company and offer a number of services within the professional disciplines I like so much.

Although – along the way, my focus of interest has shifted from pharmaceuticals to tissues and cells, my primary aim has always been the same; to stand up for the interests of the patient/consumer, providing safe and high quality products for treatment and services. In my view, this is a fundamental requirement to obtain and constantly improve end-user satisfaction.

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