Key markets

LHR Consult’s target group is primarily intended to include new- and well-established fertility- and tissue centers, managing human tissues and cells – and applying assisted reproductive technologies (e.g. fertility clinics, stem cell-, egg- and sperm banks), as well as companies planning to start up such activities. Taking on tasks within related disciplines – such as life sciences, will also fit naturally into the services.

The fertility-/life science industry plays an important role for the Danish economy by boosting growth and contributing financially to the welfare society. Especially the global fertility market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. This is on account of factors such as growing prevalence of male and female infertility, surging social acceptance and awareness among the population, as well as growing advancement and adoption of new assisted reproductive procedures.

Denmark is one of the largest exporters of human sperm globally and two of the key market players of the sperm bank industry are the Danish companies Cryos International and European Sperm Bank. Thus, as a result of the local presence, favorable government law, and relatively low cost of treatment, the global growth is expected to affect the Danish market significantly.

This prediction is obviously interesting, as LHR Consult wish to contribute to the continuous development and progress in the field – and eventually to create added value to the client.

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